A Bit About Us: Our Story

Founded in 2010, Sackys Firearms Sales embarked on a mission to offer unparalleled service and quality products at affordable prices. Our foundation is built upon a profound passion for shooting sports, propelling us forward with a dedication to excellence. We are proud of our superior shopping experience and cherish the relationships we’ve developed with our customers. When you visit Sackys, you’re stepping into a community that shares your enthusiasm for firearms. Experience the Sackys difference today.

About Sackys Firearms Sales

Founded in 2010, Sackys Firearms Sales embarked on a mission to deliver unparalleled service and quality products at affordable prices. Rooted in a profound passion for shooting sports, our commitment to excellence has been our guiding principle from day one. We take immense pride in creating a superior shopping experience and fostering lasting customer relationships. At Sackys, you’re not just a customer—you’re part of a passionate community that values quality, expertise, and camaraderie.

What Sets Us Apart

At Sackys Firearms Sales, we differentiate ourselves through our distinctive approach to serving the firearms community:

  • Expertise and Experience: With over a decade in the business, our extensive knowledge of firearms and accessories allows us to provide personalized advice and recommendations tailored to your individual needs and preferences.
  • Comprehensive Selection: Our carefully curated inventory includes everything from the latest firearms models to rare finds, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals alike. We strive to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for, all in one place.
  • Community Focus: Sackys is more than just a store; it’s a central hub for firearms enthusiasts. We host events, provide training, and foster a supportive environment where customers can share their passion and expertise.
  • Customer-First Service: Our commitment to your satisfaction extends well beyond the point of sale. We offer continuous support, advice, and services to guarantee your complete happiness with every purchase.

Integrity and Trust: Our business operations are built on transparency, allowing you to shop with confidence. Whether you’re buying, selling, trading, or consigning, we uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Check Out What’s in Stock

Explore our selection for everything you need for shooting practice and beyond:

  • Shooting Targets: Various targets suitable for practice and competitive shooting.
  • Competition Rifles: State-of-the-art models for the modern shooter.
  • Ammunition: A wide array of options for all calibers and preferences.
  • Target Boards: High-quality, durable boards for accurate practice.

These core principles define our business and influence every decision we make. At Sackys Firearms Sales, making a purchase means joining a community that shares a deep love for shooting sports. Visit us to experience the Sackys difference firsthand and see why we are the preferred choice for firearm enthusiasts.

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